OS Project Room Residency

Intelligent control appears as uncontrol or freedom.
And for that reason it is genuinely intelligent control.

Unintelligent control appears as external domination.
And for that reason it is really unintelligent control.

Intelligent control exerts influence without appearing to do so.
Unintelligent control tries to influence by making a show of force.

Tao Te Ching
by Lao-Tzu, 600 bc


In March Niveau Zero Atelier presents an attempt to walk in between Lao Tzu’s quote on the OpenStructures Grid.
The collective from Paris / La Courneuve presents a set of furniture that both functionally and materially engages in a reflexion on control and organicity and how they interact and balance each other within our bodies and domestic environment.
By looking at modularity, it’s opportunities and shortcoming with critical humor, they propose a vision of design that is very much aligned to the philosophy OpenStructures: to welcome and take care for the unexpected.

Their work will be on display from 09/03 – 14/05/23 and can be purchased soon also in our shop.

Photos by Camille Poitevin


by Niveau Zero Atelier


Mar 2023

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