In the exhibition StadsStalling, the architectural firm Rooilijn and Atelier Scheldeman investigate the possibilities for a modular bicycle parking system that can also have other functions. They designed constructions that are both functional and also contribute to the image of the public space and allow extra greenery. Besides bicycle parking, they envision space for urban gardening, sports, picnics... The intention is to promote encounters between different users.

StadsStalling is one of the research projects that received the Building Master Label (BWMSTR Label) in 2020 from the Flemish Master Builder and the Flemish Architecture Institute. The BWMSTR Label aims to pick up innovative and policy-relevant ideas from research and design practice, supporting unsolicited research in its early stages.

BWMSTR Label 023.

Exhibition of the Flanders Architecture Institute
at de Singel - International arts campus Antwerp



Based on [H.379] by Atelier Scheldeman

Public infrastructure

by Atelier Scheldeman and Rooilijn architecture

at Flanders Architecture Institute


Oct 2022