Infinite Chassis

A reflection on the modularity of innovative structures within different sectors.

How to design a reusable and modular frame corresponding to the future practices of the scenographer? How to combine frames by different authors and manufactures ?

Using recovered chassis and reused materials sourced at ‘La Reserve des Arts’, students of the scenography department of Ensad Paris and of Lycée Chérioux, Vitry-sur-Seine explored the potential of tomorrow's frame by eco-designing on the basis of open modularity. In groups of 5, they developed self-supporting, light and transportable structures, that could be matched with other frame typologies and be covered with removable covers and panels.

Participating students:
Anne Aubin, Valentine Coqueron, Maud Guillotel, Eva Lacroix, Eléonore Laurent, Steredenn Pieres, Mary Ragusta, Margot Bonnafous, Emma Bouvier, Marianne Bras, Othilie Cachard, Constance De Lagaye De Lanteuil, Baptiste De Laubier, Vadim Demotte, Marianna Faleri, Clothilde Feuillard, Abia Marrakchi Benjaafar, Thi thanh hang Nguyen, Arthur Pellegrin and Léonie Racy.

Hosted and accompanied by
Célia Coëtte, Gérald Mignotte of La réserve des Arts .
Sylvie Bétard of Augures Lab Scénogrrrraphie
Pauline Alemany of Lycée Chérioux, Vitry-sur-Seine
Sarah Jacquemot-Fiumani of Théâtre de l’Aquarium
Annabel Vergne, Rodolphe Auté, Sophie Rézard de Wouves - secteur Scénographie - EnsAD and OS.Studio


on reuse, innovation & exhibition

for EnsAD, École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs Paris and Lycée Chérioux, Vitry-sur-Seine

by Annabel Vergne and OS Studio

at Théâtre de l’Aquarium


Oct 2022