Nul Punt Wolk

berte & harmey worked with OS_Studio on the creation and design of  3 connector parts for a sculptural support structure to hold the tiles of the Bare Maps ( as part of their Nul Punt wolk project).  

The form of the support structure reflects the aerial LiDAR scanning process, used to collect high-res point cloud data of geographic terrains. berte & harmey used LiDAR-datasets to generate the tiles for the Bare Maps. 

Nul Punt Wolk will grow cumulatively and is designed to be activated at different locations. 
Used as a tool for reflection, it is hoped that the Bare Maps and their clouds (‘wolk’ in Dutch) can also act as an open space of imagination, with the potential to prompt discussion and input around alternate futures. The Bare Maps are part of a project ecosystem conceived to put traces of resonant locations in a constellation with each other.

Nul Punt Wolk was initiated at and supported by Timelab (BE). The Bare Map support structure was made in collaboration with OS_Studio (BE) & printed in collaboration with Topo Copy (BE). The Bare Maps were produced courtesy of a non-profit license provided by ArcGIS using Open LiDAR Data from EODAS Flanders’ platform.

Support structure

by berte and harmey

at BLANCO Ghent and NCAD Gallery


Apr 2021

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