Home Futures exhibition

Are we living in the way that pioneering architects and designers throughout the 20th century predicted? or has our idea of home proved resistant to real change? Whether it was the dream of the fully mechanised home or the notion that technology might liberate us from home altogether, the domestic realm was a site of endless invention and speculation. But what happened to those visions? Alongside emblematic positions of Yona Friedman, Atelier van Lieshout and Enzo Mari, OpenStructures presented its first ‘Family of Objects’ within the ‘Living Autonomously’ section. It consists of products for the home that have a second, third or fourth use planned into their DNA. Next to these original objects and object families by Atelier Ternier, Normal Studio, Studio Minale Maeda and Disarming Design from Palestine, new hacks by Raw Color and OS_Studio show the future potential of dis- and re-assembled building parts into new functions.

Commissioned by the Design Museum London
Curated by Eszter Steierhoffer and Justin McGuirk
Exhibiting products from Atelier Ternier, Normal Studio, Studio Minale Maeda, Disarming Design from Palestine
Concept by OS_Studio, hacked objects by Raw Color and OS_Studio
Project assistance by Jonas Goergen, Pierre Ramaekers
Photography by Eva Herzog and OS_Studio


of the Family of Objects
within the exhibition ‘Home Futures’ - Living in Yesterday’s Tomorrow

at The Design Museum


Nov 2018