Ideas City (1) Detroit

For the IdeasCity event in Detroit, a conference on access and cultural equity, which took place in one of the city’s many left empty buildings, OS_Studio developed a system of low-cost sleeping units to accommodate fellows of the residency program. It provided a minimum of comfort and privacy to its temporary residents, yet was mobile, easy to mount and customisable in order to fit one container after disassembly and be shipped and re-used during one of IdeasCity’s following  events. 

What had served as sleeping units in Detroit and later in Athens and Arles was completely reconfigured for the events in Manhattan and Shanghai later on.


Commissioned by Joseph Grima for IdeasCity and The New Museum, New York
Design by OS_Studio
Photography by OS_Studio

Temporary accommodation

by OS Studio

at Herman Kiefer complex


Apr 2016

designed/hosted by

other projects