Coordinating Mobilotoop, an cross-over design research project that looks at the feasibility of networked and open mobility cultures within urban environments. Both process and outcomes will be presented at “Conflict and design” in december 2013.

Work site+ is a futuristic visualization of an OS workshop. This design proposal has been developed within the context of the Mobilotoop project.

From the Mobilotoop exhibition catalogue:
'The work site+ is one´s own or a shared workshop equipped with virtual assistance. 

Like to work on your bicycle yourself, but don´t always have the necessary experience? Work site+ shows wear and tear information, building instructions and handy tips for repair or assembly. The information is projected - according to principles of augmented reality - over your modular bicycle. If this still doesn´t do the trick, you can call on the assistance of experts for a remote demonstration.’


by OS Studio

Sep 2013

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